Rules & Regulations


Modified Touring
Any modified motor to BRCA/IFMAR rules

Super Stock Touring 13.5 Blinky
13.5 motors to BRCA list as of 1st October (i.e. motors added to the list throughout the season cannot be used). All competitors must use Blinky/Zero timing speed controllers as per either the BRCA or ROAR lists.

Stock Touring 17.5 Blinky
17.5 motors to BRCA list as of 1st October (i.e. motors added to the list throughout the season cannot be used). All competitors must use Blinky/Zero timing speed controllers as per either the BRCA or ROAR lists.


Masters (Over 40) and Junior (Under 17) are both championships which run within the class structure (not seperate races). Anyone within these age limits at the start of round 1 will be entered into the Masters or Junior championships.

Control Tyre

Volante - #V5T-PG28MICC
One set per driver per round (tires will be marked before first qualifying)

General Regulations

Format - Round by Round - Best 2 to Count - 1 Final

Bodyshell - BRCA bodyshell list as of the 1st October 2019, any bodyshells added to the list after the 1st October 2019 cannot be used, giving your painter time to spray that stunning race paint. Max rear wing size 20x40x190mm. Wings must be made of lexan only and fixed directly to the body, no spacers etc. Our wing measuring tool must fit over the end plate and the wing up until the wing mounting pillars, after which point the wing cannot extend in height over the remainder of the distance.

2019-20 Approved Bodyshell List - Click Here

Minimum Ride Height - 5mm minimum ride height for all parts of chassis and bodyshell.

Minimum Weight Limit - 1320g

Motors - Any motor can/will be checked at random by one of the MiCC team using a Fantom Fact Machine 3. The Fact Machine 3 accurately checks the internal resistance of a motor. Any motor that is found to be below the ROAR minimum figures (35.4 for 17.5T - 20.6 for 13.5T at 25 degrees C) will be asked to remove there motor and the FTD time deleted.

2019-20 Approved Motor List 13.5T Stock - Click Here
2019-20 Approved Motor List 17.5T Stock - Click Here

LiPo’s - For all touring car classes competitors must use 7.4v or 7.6v (2 cell) commercially available (in the UK) hard cased LiPo batteries. Batteries must be charged to a maximum of 8.40v. Whilst connected to a charger/discharger batteries must be securely placed in a LiPo sack. Batteries must be charged or discharged using a LiPo charger on the LiPo settings, and must not be charged/discharged in excess of the manufactures guidelines, or 20A, whichever is lower. No heating or cooling of cells are allowed during charging or discharging.

Transponders - We will be using MyLaps RC4 decoders so you must have either an Mylaps RC4 or newer styles of MRT transponder. Click here for a table of compatible transponders.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that a compatible transponder is fitted to their car at all times. There will be no manual counting

*Note some MRT PTX style transponders do work with our decoders. These can be identified from the older versions when the transponder is first powered on it will blink blue 3 times. This type is compatible.

Additive - CS High Grip is the control additive which will be supplied at the event and can only be applied in the designated tyre application area.
Tires can only be cleaned with break cleaner. All tyres must be wiped before entering the track area, tyres will be checked during technical inspection before each heat. If the tyres are seen to be wet we will ask you to wipe your tyres and resubmit your car for inspection.

Tyre Warmers - Tyre Warmers are not allowed

Scrutineering - Pre-race scrutineering will take place 5 minutes before your race. You must present your car race ready and have your transmitter with you. After your car has been approved by the scrutineering team you will not be allowed to return to the pits.

Marshaling - Once your race is complete you must marshal at your designated number point. Please wear the provided hi-vis jacket whilst marshaling, marshaling is mandatory even if you DNS or DNF. Failure to return your car and transmitter to scrutineering or leaving your marshall post unattended will mean you lose your time for that round.

BRCA Membership - Full BRCA membership is required.

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