Competitor Info

Important Notes
Pitting - You are all welcome to pit with who you like, where you like. The only rule is that you stay within the designated pitting area along the back wall, please bring an extension lead.

Tables & Chairs - Please bring your own, we would have loved to provide them but unfortunately space and budget doesn’t allow us to. Table/chair feet must not have any exposed metal as we don’t want to damage the floor.

Format - 4 rounds of qualifying best 2 from 4, 1 final

Scrutineering - We will be doing post race scrutineering. Once you finish your run, you must put your car on the cars off table at scruitneering, even if you dont start or break during the run. Failure to do so will result in a DQ from that round. There will be random voltage checks conducted throught the day. Random motor checks will also be done, this could be during tech or in the pits, if it’s in your car we will see that as your race motor.

Marshalling - More info will be provided at the drivers briefing regarding Marshalling.

Trophies - Yep we have you covered, the top three from each final will receive a trophy which you will be able to collect and have your photos taken with the MiCC pit girl after you have marshalled.

Shop - 6k Racing is our official trackside shop, you can pre order tyres along with anything else you need from their website

Tyres - Only the MiCC marked Volante wheels and tyres are allowed to be used, 1 set per day (tyres you present to tech for round 1 is your set for the day)

Additive - Schumacher Racing have provided CS High Grip as our controlled additive, a table will be setup at the side of the track where you will be able to apply the additive free of charge.
Provisional Schedule
Download Timetable: Here
Doors open: 07:15
Practice Starts: 07:45
Drivers Briefing: 08:40
Qualifying Round 1: 09:00
Finals: 15:45

All times are approximate and subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the competitor to watch the progress of the meeting and be ready for their run at the appropriate time.

Current entry list

Driver Name Paid & Confirmed? Transponder #(s)
Bittydesign 17.5 Stock Touring
Awesomatix 13.5 Super Stock Touring
Modified Touring Presented by Muchmore

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